Frances Forsyth, Geelong, 6 April 2020


Fran was a long time member of our club (16 years). 

Described by many as “kind-hearted, generous, strong-willed, stubborn, tough, fun, with a soft loving heart and an amazing role model”.

Fran was also known by our older members as Ned – because she had a large collection of Ned Kelly images.
She was one hell of a woman.
Never complaining and in control of her life right to the end.
The following is a message that she posted on facebook to all her friends shortly before she died.

To all my friends past and present, I want you to know life has been a blast, you have all contributed in one way or another.
Remember be strong, don’t let anyone push you around.
It’s been so much fun.
So long it’s been good to know ya!’

RIP Fran

“Of all possessions a friend is the most precious.” – Herodotus

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