Glenda Brosnan, Mackay, 10 August 2011

Dragons Abreast Mackay lost another dear member to Angels Abreast, when Glenda Brosnan lost her battle for life on 10th August, 2011.

We always knew when Glenda was in the boat, as she had the most infectious laugh – or cackle. Besides Dragons Abreast, her other sporting passion was her golf, which she played regularly.

We still tell the story about our trip away to the International Regatta at Caloundra. We all exitedly boarded the plane and took our seats. Glenda had not flown for 20 years and it was at that moment she suffered an attack of claustrophobia. Sadly, she had to disembark the plane and was understandably very upset, as was the rest of the team for her. We could all laugh about it later, including Glenda, and when her son recounted this story at her funeral, it raised more than a few smiles.

With the donations to our club received at her funeral, we have purchased two special DAA paddles and have had them inscribed with “For Glenda” in her memory. Our members are welcome to use them at any time.

Glenda Brosnan was a very special lady and is sadly missed by us all.

Vale Glenda – RIP

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