Michele Pitt

Michele Pitt
Dragons Abreast Mackay
30 March 2011

Michele, or Shelly as we affectionately knew her, was born on 14 December 1961. She passed over to Angels Abreast on 30 March 2011 all too soon. Shelly was a very valued and much loved member of our club for nearly 5 years. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer twice and then had a long and brave battle with Ovarian Cancer, which eventually claimed her life.

She starred for us on the drum at the 2007 Caloundra International Regatta and participated in the very moving Flowers of the Water ceremony, all this while she was suffering badly after chemotherapy. Shelly’s parents, Kevin and Fran from Maroochydore, became valued friends of ours and supplied sustenance to our crew in the form of orange segments. They have promised to do the same again this year at Caloundra.

In 2009 Dragons Abreast Mackay, or DAM Oarsome as we call ourselves, conducted a hugely successful HOG ( Harley Owners Group) ride to raise funds for D.A.A., Michele decked herself out in pink complete with pink helmet, fairly wings and rode the last leg on her pink scooter. She became known as the Scooter Hooter Fairy. We will never forget the vision of her leading a large group of Harley Riders into the Mackay Yacht Club.

Shelly spent her last days in Adelaide to be with her grandchildren and it was there that she was cremated with a DAM Oarsome club shirt draped over her coffin.
Such was her love for Dragons Abreast Mackay.

She had a beautiful smile that would light up a room, we will miss her terribly.

Vale Shelly – Rest in Peace

Barbara McBride

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