Remember our Angels

Anna Wenk, founding member of Dragons Abreast Port Macquarie, passed away at home on Friday 21 March. Anna was an enthusiastic advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness and an equally enthusiastic paddler – loving the cha... Read more
Robin had been ill for several months with cancer in several areas and had decided on no more treatment. Although not paddling for some time now she made an effort to come to breakfast afterwards and in the latter days... Read more
Faye was and always will be the heart and spirit of our paddling team. Losing her from our team is heartbreaking, however we treasure the memories. She has been central to the times of fun and friendship, challeng... Read more
Our Angels Abreast team has gained another member – Irene Wescombe, Founder of the Devonport team. Irene has battled for some time and put up a very brave fight. I received the news in Sydney last Sunday – it was ... Read more
Liz was an extraordinary woman who first paddled at the Masters Games in Canberra after coming along to training only the week before “just to have a look”. She was our vibrant, enthusiastic coordinator for 2 year... Read more
Sadly in September, our youngest paddler, Sue Murdoch, left us to join Angels Abreast. So the money raised was dedicated to assist Paul Murdoch and their two young songs.... Read more
Our lovely Maggie Sharp, DA ACT Tickled Pink sweep and paddler, passed away very peacefully at her home with her loving and caring family at her side on 14 July. Maggie loved the lake and being on the water.  Her D... Read more
The day before Easter we heard the very sad news that Helen Hynes had joined our Angels Abreast. Helen was a lovely woman and a very keen paddler. Many of you won’t have known her, as she left us back in January 05 ... Read more
"Just prior to the weekend races in Melbourne we received the sad news that Marg McAlphine from Bendigo had joined Angels Abreast. Marg was remembered in the Flowers on the Water ceremony on Sunday. Our thoughts go to ... Read more
"We were well aware of her courage and determination - traits which were further demonstrated by her will to live long enough to say "Happy Birthday" to her grand-daughter who turned one last Friday." She loved dragon... Read more
“Jan was a beautiful lady and a devoted mother. The courage and strength she showed through a long and painful battle with this disease has been an inspiration to us all. Jan and her husband Ian were known to many me... Read more
Pendragons Abreast and the Camden Support Group said goodbye to one of buddies, Pirkko Ranki, on Wednesday 18 October at 5.30pm. “P” was their sweep, a most loving caring person with the biggest happy smile an... Read more
Sylvia was a Dragons Abreast ‘Original’, one of the amazing women who first took up a paddle as part of the very first Dragons Abreast team to attend the National Titles held in 2000 in Penrith, NSW. That was at a ... Read more
Anne was a valued member of Dragons Abreast Bendigo who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2006. She has been honoured with a plaque on our boat so that her memory will travel with us always. Much loved wife of Iva... Read more
On 7th September 2006 we lost one of our founding members, Lorna Ryan. Lorna was only 42 when she lost her battle with breast cancer. She was passionate about Dragons Abreast Mackay though she was only able to paddle i... Read more
Petra paddled with us only about 3 times because she became ill very quickly after her diagnosis. Petra was a beautiful girl, quiet and peaceful. Dr Petra Oliver (Schunmann) Peacefully passed away on Wednesday 30 ... Read more
One of our foundation members, Kathy Gibbons, was recently named winner of the inaugural “Simply Legendary” Local Legend. To the Coast Buster girls, Kathy was an inspiration, mentor, advisor, and an ever ready shou... Read more
"Noni was so lovely, gentle and amazing. She was our first secretary and joined ever before we had a boat when we used to swin for fitness at the pool at Lennox. She became interested and involved in DA when she attend... Read more
Unfortunately 2005 got off to very sad start with the passing of our Treasurer, and treasured member, Chris Van Buuren. Chris passed away at about 4.45 pm on 9 January. Luckily we went in this morning as the family w... Read more
Gayle was an inspiration! All of us that traveled with Gayle in China will always remember her grace, her dignity and her passion for getting the most out of each moment!   Message from Gayle on the article ... Read more
Christine’s endless capacity to bounce back and join in was an inspiration to us. Every race we paddled in was for Christine. If we were a little over exuberant when we won – that was why. If she was not there when... Read more
Vicki Nottage, team captain and sweep passed away peacefully at home on Friday 1 November 2002. Vicki was an integral member of Dragons Abreast in both the founding of the club and its success. Vicki loved the sport of... Read more
"One thing that I remember well from Penrith was the courage of Joyce who was our drummer and who has since died, and the spirit of the team who came from all parts of Australia and some who had never paddled befor... Read more
“Perhaps the most rewarding thing about Dragon boat racing for me is that I’ve learnt to accept my own mortality. Something I have spent countless amounts of energy on and refused to do for 9 years. Then I met Judy... Read more
On the 27 January, an overcast and damp day in Adelaide, something very special happened at Aquatic Reserve, West Lakes. SA Dragons Abreast celebrated the life and achievements of a quiet, graceful lady called Carlene ... Read more
We remember with love our beautiful, wise and spirited friend and “tribal elder”.  Pauline touched our lives in many different ways, with her perception, sharp wit, generosity and irreverent humour.  How lucky we have been to know her.  Talented artist, sculptor, adventurer, champion of the A... Read more
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