Keeping NQ Abreast of the Times

Keeping North Queensland Abreast of the Times

On Saturday 21st May 2016, Twin Titties (Townsville's Dragons Abreast club) hosted a one day free conference for people affected by breast cancer.  Topics included current treatments for breast cancer, breast reconstruction options and life after treatment.  Before the morning's presentations, groups with an interest in breast cancer, such as Figgers, and Look Good, Feel Better festooned the foyer with information stalls and attendees spoke to representatives and collected brochures.  These stalls were open during breaks as well.

An audience of over one hundred people listened to Professor Sabe Sabeson who spoke of the ground breaking introduction of video links to rural areas - country people will not have to travel to regional hospitals, such as Townsville, for follow up appointments with their specialists.  This service can save people a couple of days travel plus accommodation expenses.

Dr Sally Meade performed the role of key speaker, informing the audience of advancements in surgery and reconstruction of breasts after treatment. Sally's professional contribution was well received.

Janine Porter-Steele's contribution on sexual health within the context of mental and physical well being, was greatly appreciated by young and old alike.  Whole-hearted laughter resounded through the room several times.

Dr Will Cairns gave sage advice for care during advancing ill health through to palliative care. Although the topic could have been confronting, several people commented that Dr Cairns' advice was helpful, they appreciated his sensitive and readily understandable manner.

Vicky Salisbury delivered an informative presentation on mindful diet and chair yoga as a support for cancer treatments as well as forming a healthy basis for life after cancer.

Libby Timmins touted the benefits of participating in an Encore program for those experiencing problems with lymphodema.

The conference was a wonderful experience in many ways. Rydges, Lions Clubs of Townsville and Wilmart, made the conference possible by being our major sponsors.  Although a committee of seven members of Dragons Abreast Townsville organised the conference, the whole Twin Titties club contributed something - time, contacts, photocopying, moral support and ushers on the day.  A few of our speakers and some of the audience extended their professional and social networks as a result of the conference.  Both audience and speakers gave the committed positive feedback with a few suggestions for next time.  The day's business finished on a high, followed by revelry.

The "Celebration of Life" dinner was attended by conference participants and friends at South Bank Rydges.  As the following montages demonstrate, attendees had a great time playing in the photo booth and dancing the night away.  Thank goodness Twin Titties don't paddle on Sunday mornings!!! By the end, everyone was happily exhausted!!!


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