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YWCA Encore is a free, award-winning exercise and wellness program for women who have experienced breast cancer or preventative surgeries at any time of their lives.

Scheduled over an 8-week period during school terms, each of the 8 sessions runs for 2 hours and is comprised of an information session, low impact land exercises, and 30 minutes of gentle pool exercise (no swimming!).  Through Encore, many women have made lifelong friendships and ventured on to participate in other social activities, such as dragon boating.

Why we love Dragons Abreast!

With a common goal of enhancing the lives of women who have experienced breast cancer, it is easy to see why the YWCA Encore program and Dragons Abreast have enjoyed such a great partnership over the years.

Encore is especially grateful to DA guest speakers – many of whom are former Encore participants – who share their personal stories of courage, hope, resilience, and a quest for an active, healthy lifestyle through dragon boating, with the ladies who attend the Encore program.

And, of course, one very important common thread stitching the two organisations together – is fun!


The Encore program schedule is constantly updated. Programs run in NSW, NT, QLD, SA, VIC, and WA. Check out our program schedule and register through the Encore website.