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Pat Hancock

About Pat Hancock

A long term resident of Darwin at the time she was diagnosed, Pat was introduced to Dragons Abreast in 2001 as soon as she finished treatment and has been actively involved with the organisation since that time.  It has been a large part of her life over the years, an opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded people from all around Australia and the world, many of whom are now fast friends.

As well as being an active paddler, she has used her professional background in policy, governance and public administration to contribute to the national body over time.  She has a wealth of experience in breast cancer research advocacy, is a member of the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s consumer advocacy panel and has represented Breast Cancer Network Australia on various national and international research projects.  She is an affiliate member of Breast Cancer Trials.

Pat is employed in the Australian Senate as a parliamentary adviser, dividing her time between Canberra and her home in Brisbane.  She was appointed as a DAA Board member in 2018 following five years as a member of the Advisory Panel.