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Anne McNeill Canberra

About Anne McNeill

26 December 2012 – age 60

Annie joined Dragons Abreast Canberra in our formative years and her daughter Bronwen, the middle sibling of 5 paddled with her and became a member. Annie was soon a committee member and succeeded June McMahon as Treasurer. She provided valuable help when seeking Government Grants and possessed the driest sense of humour, turning any situation in to one of uproarious laughter when she spoke from her spot in the back of the boat. We lost touch with Annie when she left to pursue her love of running. She moved to Queensland where she died on Boxing Day leaving 5 children and 4 grandchildren — she was just 60.

Early on a Tuesday morning in February Dragons Abreast Canberra honoured Annie by scattering flowers on the water as Elspeth read the two poems that were in Annie’s farewell eulogy. one of which is printed below.

The tribute by her children was very moving and affirmed our memories of a great women. The last paragraph reads:

Always efficient and organised, Anne left this world as she had planned: At home, in peace, surrounded by loved ones and with dignity.  When the time finally came, she was majestically beautiful.

It is worth noting that news of her death came to me by another past-member, Rosemary Parker via Amelia Thiedeman. This is the strength of Dragons Abreast – passing on sad, or happy, news. Many current members did not know Annie but she was an integral link in the Club you are now carrying forward. When we heard about Annie there were emails from Robyne Kellett, Elspeth Humphries, Kerrie Griffin (who saw her running on Mt Taylor), Michelle Moroney, Alf Pawlicki, Marion Lieba. Some of the comments were that Annie only responded to two commands – Go and Stop.  She was tiny and was either in the back seat or in the front as stroke.

Anna Wellings Booth
3 June 2013