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Kerrie Dowding – DA Penrith

I am a long time BC survivor, first 1992 at age 39, treatment was surgery. Second time was 1997 again surgery and then in 2011…

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Pru Menzies – DA Melbourne

Thanks DAA for being a huge part of my post breast cancer life – paddling for fun, fitness & friendship has inspired me to help…

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Pat Hancock – DA Brisbane

I lived in Darwin, the birthplace of DAA, when I was diagnosed in 2001 and by the time I’d finished my therapies I was organised…

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Mabel Sansom – Chair of the DAA Board

First of all I’m not a breast cancer survivor. So why am I involved and Chair the National Board? Because so many of my friends…

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Karen Jones – DAA Individual

I first heard of Dragons Abreast while I was having treatment for breast cancer back in 2005. I never knew that dragon boating had anything…

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Robyn Long – DA Townsville

Diagnosed with Stage 3 BC in 2013 (3 surgeries, 6 sessions of chemo, 6 weeks of daily radiation). Developed MRSA (Golden Staff) through an infected…

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Beth Sowter – DA Bribie Island

I prefer to call it “How I got into Dragon Boating” as it sounds much more positive and exciting. 2005 was the year of the…

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Megan Davis – DA Canberra

Paddling out of my comfort zone I joined Dragons Abreast Canberra late 2019 after attending a come and try session in October after seeing a…

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Sugar Masangcay – DA Canberra

Journey to self-re-discovery After a year of battling with cancer, I felt the need to do something for myself, something to help me focus on…

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Fiona Maguire – DA Canberra

Serendipity I love being outside in nature and I love being on the water; being a fish sign and all. It’s little wonder that I…

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Julie Chynoweth – DA Canberra

Just say yes! Following my first breast cancer diagnosis in 2013, Lisi Bromley, a workmate, talked to me about dragon boating. It sounded great, but,…

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