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When did Dragons Abreast Australia start?

DAA began in 1998.

Why did it start?

DAA started as a result of a study in Canada that demonstrated exercise was beneficial for breast cancer survivors. This was a landmark study because recommendations with regard to physical exercise after breast cancer surgery were usually very conservative, with the emphasis being on what women could not or should not do!! The findings of the study showed paddlers experienced marked improvement in both physical and psychological health.  For more details on the origins of where we came from look at - Where it all began.

Do only breast cancer survivors paddle?

While most paddlers are survivors, we welcome supporters who have a close association with the survivor (e.g. partner, daughter  etc).

How do I get started?

Most groups around the country offer ‘come and try’ days. You will be assured of a warm welcome and given some basic instruction on how to paddle and various safety rules. Look for a location near where you live and contact them about their next dates.

Do I need to be in great physical condition to paddle?

No, as you can paddle at your pace. However, it is important to take into consideration your current medical condition and check with your physician to make sure paddling is safe for you.

Is this for women only?

No, men do get breast cancer and they are most welcome to become a member and paddler of Dragons Abreast Australia.

How is Dragons Abreast Australia funded?

We do not receive any government funding or grants. We are a not for profit charity and are funded through donations from members, event, sponsors and other donations.

How can I make a donation?

It is easy and much appreciated. You can donate a monetary figure or you can donate to one of our Appeals or Fundraisers.

Go to our Donate Now page and follow the links.  Any donation over $2.00 we will issue a tax receipt. Thank you for your support.

If I make a donation do I get a tax receipt?

Yes, Dragons Abreast Australia is recognised by the Australia Taxation Office as having Deductible Gift Recipient status. Any donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

What will the money be used for?

Donations enable DAA to continue its important work in supporting and uniting members and DAA groups around Australia and demonstrating to our communities there is life after a breast cancer diagnosis.  DAA has a national office in Brisbane run by two part time staff. They and the Board support member group and individual members by way of regular newsletters and updates, website, bi annual national conventions as well as regattas and opportunities for members to meet and share information around the country.

How do I join Dragons Abreast Australia?

You contact your local group which is listed on the website. You can join as a survivor or supporter member. Your fees will be paid to your local group who then pays a fee to your State Dragon Boating Association and a small amount to Dragons Abreast Australia.


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