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Auriel Ainsworth Bribie Island

About Auriel Ainsworth

The members of Dragons Abreast Bribie Island are very sad to retate that Auriel Ainsworth, one of our founding members, passed away last Friday after her battle with secondary cancer.

Auriel was a tireless worker for DABI and enjoyed many activities such as water aerobics, and worked with the Moreton Cancer Support Group preparing “Bottles of Hope” which were little gifts to those in hospital newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

She introduced us to Brett Fenton, Sifu, who entertained us with his “Lion Dancers” and blessing the boat for our launch of DABI in May this year.

She will be greatly missed by all of our members and the people she worked with to make things more bearable for those who faced the challenge of a cancer diagnosis.

DABI was represented at her funeral.

We extend our sympathy to Jim, Auriel’s husband and to her family.

Dragons Abreast Bribie Island