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Cheryl Rigby Illawarra

About Cheryl Rigby

Cheryl joined Dragons Abreast Illawarra in 2003.  She took up dragon boating enthusiastically and with a passion – just like she did everything. She was part of the ‘engine room’ due to her strength and long reach.  This also meant that she was always at the back for photos and sometimes only peeping through other smiling faces. Her first regatta was at Canberra for the Masters Games.  She paddled in Vancouver, Canada, where the team ‘Abreast in a Boat’ celebrated 10 years and had photos taken with Dr Don McKenzie.  She was our Wollongong flag bearer too. This photo of Cheryl was taken at the IBCPC regatta held at Caloundra in 2007.  She also attended the next international regatta in Peterborough, Canada but was unable to paddle due to a broken wrist – so she kept the party going instead!  She was a great friend to many. Cheryl has left us with special memories, filled especially with her courage, inspiration, hope and joy of life. We acknowledge her family’s loss and rejoice in having the privilege of having spent time with her. She now joins the other DA Australia Angels.