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Deb Martin Adelaide

About Deb Martin

Many members of Dragons Abreast who knew Deb Martin will be very saddened by her departure to Angels Abreast on Wednesday 11 February 2009.

Deb & Reuben with BCNA ‘Aunties’ Jan Davies & Pam Bell

Deb was a vibrant, young woman with a huge smile whom we first met when we were both representatives for Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA).

We all rejoiced when she announced she was pregnant following her breast cancer treatment and when Deb brought baby Reuben to a BCNA Think Tank meeting in Melbourne her joy and pride was a delight to witness.

We were very saddened (and yes angry too!) to hear of her recurrence but Deb’s resilience, good humour and amazing spirit willed herself to see Reuben off on his first day at school in January this year whilst continuing her advocacy work as best she was able.

It was great to see Deb at the launch of A Dragon’s Tale in Adelaide in 2007 and meet Reuben as a delightful, active, happy boy.

Deb was a dedicated and highly skilled breast cancer advocate, a BCNA rep for a short time and a founding member of Dragons Abreast Adelaide as it is known today.

Although faced with metastatic breast cancer Deb remained as active as she could be with Dragons Abreast and joined us in Caloundra in Sept 2007.

Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are extended to her husband Jordan and beautiful son Reuben.

Anna Wellings Booth & Michelle Hanton