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Gayle Creed Brisbane

About Gayle Creed

Gayle was an inspiration! All of us that traveled with Gayle in China will always remember her grace, her dignity and her passion for getting the most out of each moment!

Message from Gayle on the article above:

Dear Jan,

I’m more than happy for you to include this on the website. One of the reasons I agreed to the story in the first place was to encourage other women with metastatic BC to live life with passion. I also want to encourage families to get support from all sorts of places. Anything that will help keep the family unit together and help the individual members cope better has to be good.

Had a great time at the Masters! Now I know why so many women make such an effort to get together. What party animals!

I do an assortment of different things, but I have Janelle to thank for introducing me to her personal trainer. Janelle organized for the trainer to work with us paddlers to improve our strength etc during the off season for us. Got the Ok from my GP and both oncs and away I went. I do spoil myself with a weekly massage as well. Best money I’ve ever spent. You saw the results!



If you can walk,
You can dance.
If you can talk,
You can sing.

-Zimbabwe proverb