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Genevieve Carruthers – DAA Director Rainbow Region

About Genevieve Carruthers – DAA Director

It is with great sadness to advise that Genevieve Carruthers passed away on Jan 2nd 2015.

Genevieve was a Director of Dragons Abreast Australia (DAA) for the last two years.  Prior to that she had been involved with DAA since 2005 whilst completing her treatment for breast cancer.  Genevieve started her involvement with the Rainbow Dragons Abreast group, as well as the Rainbow Region Dragon Boat Club and qualified as one of the first coaches for that group.

Genevieve had seen first-hand the benefits of dragon boating in recovering from breast cancer. When she joined the DAA Board she brought with her vast experience in governance and management systems.  Many of you may remember Genevieve facilitating the DAA Convention in Canberra in 2013.

During her time with DAA Genevieve did take some time off paddling due to recurrence of her breast cancer.  She resigned from the Board late in 2014.

Sadly Genevieve’s health deteriorated very quickly and she passed away at home supported by her loving family so she could pass away at home.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Genevieve’s family and friends.  She was a truly spirited person who put up a long fight but can now finally rest