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Julie Scott Bunbury

About Julie Scott

In April 2005 Julie Scott became one of the co-founders of Crewsaders Dragons Abreast Bunbury, and their inaugural Co-Ordinator.

Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2000 at the age of 37 and she celebrated her five year survival soon after the Crewsaders was formed. During the following 10 years Julie had several reoccurrences that responded to treatment, however she knew she had metastatic breast cancer. Despite this Julie considered herself fortunate to be able to keep active and well with the help of weekly Herceptin. Living with breast cancer gave Julie and her family a different outlook on life, as well as strength and resilience and made sure they lived every moment to the full.

Julie worked as a physiotherapist at the Bunbury Regional Hospital and was pleased to be able to share some of her knowledge and skills with the Crewsaders. Primarily she saw herself as another survivor wanting to have fun, raise awareness and be part of a supportive group. Julie’s 12 year old daughter Courtney was also one of the Crewsaders founding members.

Julie said of the Crewsaders – “Involvement in the Crewsaders has made a big difference to my life. From the start I knew Dragons Abreast was for me. The opportunity to be physically active and share experiences, while having fun times with a supportive group of fellow survivors and supporters has been inspirational and was everything I’d been looking for”.

Julie was an amazing woman – her enthusiasm, quiet achievement and gentle, caring personality lead the Crewsaders firmly in the right direction during that first year. She had a quiet way of going about things, which brought enormous respect, drew people around her and always produced results. Everyone was important to Julie and she embraced everyone with her love and kindness. Julie taught us how precious life is and to make every moment count. Julie’s strength was inspirational to us all and our lives are the richer for having known her.

Unfortunately the cancer spread to Julie’s brain and during the last 12 months of Julie’s life her husband Rob became her full time carer, with short stays in Palliative Care. Julie passed away in the arms of her loving family on 12 May 2010, leaving behind her husband, daughter and son. Our thoughts are with them.

Julie’s husband Rob said – “Cancer became a part of Julie’s life. She lived with it in much the same way as many people live with afflictions. She came to resolve that she didn’t want to label any part of her life as having the very negative connotation expressed by the word ‘Battle’. It is true that Cancer finally claimed her life, but she died with a smile in her heart, not a grimacing furrowed frown of a warlord or the desperate sunken despair of a lost battle. Julie had a wonderful life, because she had the right attitude. I think she really got the ‘point’ of this whole existence thing. What an amazing person. We were all so honoured to be there to witness the completion of our journey with Julie. Of course, she remains very much with us in so many ways. I’m sure Julie is somehow guiding me.”

On the Saturday following Julie’s passing the Crewsaders were joined by a dolphin that appeared and swam along with us close by the front of the boat – something that has never happened to us before. It was a very precious moment as we believe it was Julie joining us for one more beautiful morning on the water.

The Crewsaders first boat, “Estuary Juille”, includes Julie’s name, so she will continue to be honoured and remembered by the Crewsaders into the future.