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Sandi Tilbrooks

About Sandi Tilbrooks

We’ll still meet at West Lakes
And paddle on the lake
But Sandi won’t be with us
Her spirit’s in our wake

I talked to her on Tuesday
She’d only hours to go
But somehow she seemed tranquil
And somehow in the know

She greeted us with her usual smile
That cheeky battered face
It was hard to believe that she was so crook
But she didn’t moan

We laughed and joked
As we have usually done
And yes, the sparkle was still there
In our rough diamond’s eye

She had a fag, a last few puffs
And then she made us laugh
“My lungs are still the only bits
That work, not like all rest”

A gentle kiss and cuddle
And then we had to go
“Just give the girls my love” She said
I thought you’d like to know.

I will miss our Sandi
Her smiling little face
That always seemed so happy
A certain kind of grace

Graham Redett