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Sophie Marinucci Sydney

About Sophie Marinucci

Sophie Marinucci was one of the original members at Dragons Abreast Sydney and the youngest for a while. She loved paddling and couldn’t wait to turn 40 so that she could paddle in the Masters division at regattas. While she was still too young to do that, sometimes she would drum for us. We may not have always won, but we couldn’t help but have a great time with Sophie’s smiling face at the front of the boat.

Just weeks ago on a visit with Sophie in Concord Hospital, Kris Sawyer, Sue Gibson and I talked about our trips away and into Pyrmont each week and how much fun they were. She laughed a lot that day and, even though she wasn’t well, she still had the same sparkling eyes and beautiful smile. Her beautiful, happy face and bubbly, caring nature will be sadly missed in our club by those who knew her, but she will be in the boat with us always.