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Coordinators Bulletin 2021 04 No. 2

Coordinators Bulletin 04 No.2

Important Message to Coordinators from the DAA Board

Dear Coordinators

We are writing to you in preparation for the planned Zoom call between DAA Board/Advisory Panel and Groups Coordinators on 13 May 2021 7:30 pm AEST.

We have advised you of this date prior and it is important that each group be represented by one spokesperson on the call either the Coordinator or designate.  

The purpose of this call is to allow time for each of you to ask questions regarding the proposal to wind up Dragons Abreast Australia.   While we have tried to answer as many questions as possible, we recognize you may have more.   We have circulated a Q & A document previously and suggest you again review before the meeting.  Here is the LINK. 

Anticipating that some questions might not be included in this document we ask that you send questions prior to the call to [email protected] by 7th May 2021.  This will allow us time to prepare complete answers.  Of course, you can also ask questions on the night.

We again reiterate that the Board/Advisory Panel feel very sad about the decision to wind up DAA.  However, given all the reasons which we have explained in great detail we believe this is the best way forward.  It is our intention to leave a legacy for DAA and we are working with a couple of well-known associations to do so.  However, until details are finalized, we are not in a position to release details. 

We also again stress this is NOT the end of breast cancer survivor paddling as we know our groups are well organized to continue and spread the DAA message.  We are celebrating all that has been achieved mostly due to your dedication and hard work. 

DAA is not a paddling group but a nationally recognized charity.  What we do is NOT what you do and we list below the Objects of DAA filed with ACNC who regulates charities.  The Board has known for some time that we are not achieving some of these objectives and are in jeopardy of having our charity status revoked along with the ability to provide tax receipts.   While organizing regattas, as an example, might help fulfill one of these Objects it is not in our mandate.  As Directors of DAA we bear many legal responsibilities and meeting the stated Objects is just one. 

We look forward to meeting with you on 13 May 2021.  The Zoom call details will be forwarded one week before the meeting and please RSVP when received.

Objects of Company
(a) to raise awareness of breast cancer in the Australian community, primarily but not exclusively through the sport of dragon boat racing;
(b) to demonstrate that people can be actively involved in life after breast cancer;
(c) to encourage the diversity, empowerment, personal safety and wellbeing of people who have lived with breast cancer or have a genetic predisposition to developing breast cancer (as recognised by The Royal Australasian College of Physicians);
(d) to harness the resources of the community to make a positive difference in the lives of people who have lived with breast cancer or have a genetic predisposition to developing breast cancer (as recognised by The Royal Australasian College of Physicians);
(e) to assist people who have lived with breast cancer and their families and carers and supporters voice their interests and concerns;
(f) to seek or receive donations and legacies (whether subject to any special trusts or not) to apply to these objects; and
(g) to promote the objects of the Company in any manner the Board considers appropriate, and to do things incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objects.

The Board and Advisory Panel
Dragons Abreast Australia Ltd.
28 April 2021