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Dec 2018 – Coordinators Bulletin 2018 12 No.1

From Mabel Sansom (Chair DAA)
Designing the Future of
Dragons Abreast Australia
Dear Co-Ordinators,

The Board of Dragons Abreast Australia thanks all members/groups who participated in the Sydney Festival and attended the Gala dinner in October. You made each event a success by your presence and enthusiasm for DAA. The reason DAA exists certainly shone through!!!  We would also like to acknowledge the many members/groups who could not attend events in Sydney but held local celebrations. We are sure you enjoyed reflecting on 20 years of DAA and the difference you have made for breast cancer survivors.

Now it is time to look ahead and we need your input!!!

The Board of DAA works for you, the member groups and is subject to your direction. The Board is also required, by law, to act in accordance with the rules governing directors of company and other not-for-profit boards. Given this responsibility, the Board of DAA has agreed that a members meeting is necessary to receive input into ‘what’s next’. As a working board, meaning all are actively involved in keeping Dragons Abreast going, it is critical we make sure we are putting our energy into what is important.

Like all organisations we face certain challenges, for example, what services can we provide; how do we fund the services; can we expand; are we relevant and many more important questions. To find out what you need from us, we invite you to a special meeting on Saturday, 2 February 2019 in Brisbane. We request at least one member (maximum two) attend from each group so we can discuss and receive your input into running YOUR organization. Travel and Accommodation arrangements and payments are your responsibility. The final agenda will be sent before the meeting but likely we will start at 8:30am and finish by 5:00pm. You will need to arrive Friday night unless you are a local group. The meeting will be held at:

Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre
Kessels Road

We suggest you look for accommodation in this area.

Most importantly – prior to attending the meeting – we need you to meet with your members and discuss the following questions. We will be asking for replies to these questions by 15th January so we can summarize and have them available for the meeting discussion.

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MEMBER QUESTIONSNo doubt there are many other questions to ask and answer but this will be our starting point.

What you need to do now:Identify by Tuesday, 8th January, who you are sending to the meeting and notify us of their name, position and contact details.
 Discuss this paper with your members and send your responses by Tuesday, 15 January. These responses will be summarized and presented for discussion on the day.
 If you have questions or need more information,  contact [email protected] 
We look forward to your participation in helping design the future of Dragons Abreast Australia.

Mabel Sansom – Chair
on behalf of the Board of Dragons Abreast Australia