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Helen Taylor Tasmania

About Helen Taylor

Since overcoming a particularly bleak prognosis of breast cancer, and after some gentle persuasion, Helen Taylor joined Dragons Abreast Tasmania Inc. in January 2007.

After suffering another form of cancer, and finding it difficult to paddle, Helen took on the role of Drummer. This role she relished, and quietly admitted that she preferred drumming to paddling, perhaps the school-teacher resurfacing in her.

With ongoing health problems, in the lead-up to Peterborough, it was only a last minute ‘green light’ by her medico that meant she could share the drumming role for our team.

Helen was one of our representatives in the Sandy Smith Global Race and Flowers on the Water. The quiet pride on her beautiful face to be sitting up there as drummer, was unforgettable. She was truly in the moment.

Unbeknown to our team, Helen had suffered a recurrence when she first arrived in Canada, and endured the festival in great discomfort.

Helen’s gentle nature, optimism, steely resolve, stoicism and determination to make the best of everything coming her way will be long-remembered.

Helen passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Saturday 25 September 2010, with her devoted husband, Peter, daughter Rebecca and son Ben by her side.

Memories of Helen will continue to inspire our paddlers, she will not be forgotten