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Val Lowe Mt Warning

About Val Lowe

Val Lowe was a founding member of Dragons Abreast Mt Warning in 2007.

From the first she was a committed member who attended every possible training session, every regatta, every working bee and every fundraiser.

She made repaired things. She made things. She cooked. She did it all with a welcoming smile and a cheery word of encouragement.  She was the last one to take a coffee break. If there was anything to be done then she was doing it.

She travelled with the group wherever she could; both internationally and within Australia. She was filled with curiosity about places of interest, natural phenomena and people.

When she was struck with MND in 2018 she battled it as she took on all challenges although it brought an end to her paddling career.

Still she continued to make her fundraising relish as she had always done.

She came to The Ord River in 2019 and embraced everything as well as she could without a word about her struggles.

Val’s spirit lives through our club. It is in our trailer. It is in our paddles. It is in our boats. It is in our traditions. It is in our culture.

Her kindness and courage are part of the fabric of Mt Warning that greets all members when we get together.

Val passed away in November 2020.