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Coordinators Bulletin 2021 02 No 2

Coordinators Bulletin 02 No.1

Have a heart – help us keep the boats afloat!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the DAA Board and Advisory Panel.

As we approach the ‘day of love’ you may have noticed that DAA has launched a Valentine’s Day Appeal on our new fundraising website.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new fundraising portion of our website click  HERE. 
This is the final part of our new website, launched last December.

It is no secret that DAA has been unable to plan many fundraising events due to the COVID restrictions.  Our Valentine’s Day Appeal is important to help keep us financially viable.  We hope you and your members will consider a donation in memory of someone you know who has been touched by breast cancer.  We really need your support.

Also a reminder that part of our new DAA website has a site just for Coordinators.  Have you set up your new account?  If not, here are the instructions that were previously sent.  This site is an excellent resource as it contains all the information and forms you need as a Coordinator.  Please take time to do this and remember access to the site is for Coordinators and Committee not your members.

The Coordinators login is now active on our website, if you need you log-in details resent to you, please let Deanne know. 

Once you have logged in,  you will be able to change your password in the account details page . 

In your Coordinator’s log-in you will find all DAA policies, manuals and any forms you may require. 

Over time the Coordinators page may change slightly as we make updates but this is the portal you can use to find information and for your request forms. 

If you have any questions about anything or feel something has been missed, please send Deanne an email and we can look into it. 


Mabel Sansom, Chair
On behalf of the Board of Dragons Abreast Australia