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Jan 2021 – Fundraising for DAA

Happy New Year from the DAA Board. Hopefully this year will be better than last and certainly include more paddling. Right now Australia is looking pretty good and all groups are able to paddle. May it continue and please stay safe and well.

As you start to plan your year you may be doing some fundraising. If any of your donors require a tax receipt from DAA the procedure is that the money must be deposited in the DAA Bank Account. We will issue a tax receipt for the full amount to the donor. We will then return the funds to your group minus a 10% processing fee. For amounts over $1,000 it is a flat $100.00.

If you require this service please contact Colette at [email protected] for the bank account details and to make her aware of tax receipts required.
Mabel Sansom, ChairOn behalf of the Board of DAA