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Jan 2020 – IBCPC Registrations

DAA Composite Boat Registrations
IBCPC – New Zealand 2022
The registration for the next global IBCPC event will open in the next few months. 

This is an exciting destination and we expect many participants from around the world will attend and probably add on a side trip to Australia.  If this happens, it is a great opportunity for DAA groups to welcome fellow paddlers to visit their groups for a paddle or a visit.  We are sure you have many global friends attending.  This also means that team spots for this event will book quickly.
Dragons Abreast Australia is willing to help with registrations for composite teams.  As DAA is not a member of IBCPC, (individual breast cancer groups are members) we have a special allowance to register three composite teams. 

Composite boats are for the few paddlers who, for whatever reason, cannot be part of a team as perhaps their group is not travelling.  We would recommend DAA groups work together to build teams and enter directly with IBCPC.    
There are three composite boats; Inspiration, Hope, and Spirit.  We currently have team leaders for Inspiration and Hope.  DAA appreciates that Sandy Jansen (DA Port Lincoln) is again stepping up as a team leader for Inspiration.  Sandy did such an amazing job organising Florence and at times it was very challenging.  Ann Boulton (DA Illawarra) is the team leader for Hope.  Sandy and Ann, thanks so much for helping DAA.  With such committed leaders, we expect the process to go smoothly.
If we have enough paddlers for a third boat, Spirit, we will need a team leader before we can assist with registration.  Any volunteers?
To ensure the registration of composite boats goes smoothly, please follow these guidelines.
DAA breast cancer survivors – email Sandy or Ann (contact details below) and request to join. There will be 24 paddlers (including two reserves) per boat.  When you register, provide your mobile and email address, name of group and identify as a paddler, sweep or drummer.  Please make a firm commitment that you are going to New Zealand so you don’t block another member.

DAA supporters – send the same details as above and identify if you are a paddling or non-paddling supporter.  This information will be recorded and once a paddler supporter event is confirmed, you will be contacted.  

Anyone paddling in a DAA composite boat must be a member of DAA and a member of a DAA group that also belongs to IBCPC.

If Sandy and Ann fill the two boats, Sandy will take reservations for Spirit.  Reminder – we still need a team leader.

Once you have paid your registration fees there will be NO refunds.  This is not our rule but IBCPC – remember DAA doesn’t have the money!

We are not sure at this stage exactly what the registration costs will be or if they require the full amount now.  However, once we know details, the DAA Office will send an email requesting immediate payment.  DAA cannot pay this money on your behalf so until all the boat has paid registration fees, the boat will not be entered in the event.
When DAA requests the funds, we will provide amounts in AUD and how you can pay.

All inquiries regarding your team, i.e. training, team shirts, should go through your team leader, not the DAA office. 
DAA hopes by organising the registration process early, it will go smoothly and no one will miss out on this exciting event.
Team Inspiration
Sandy Jansen
Mobile: 0429 673 752
Email: [email protected]
Team Hope
Ann Boulton
Mobile: 0434 563 095
Email: [email protected]
If you would like to know more about IBCPC, please CLICK HERE.
Paddles Up!
Best Regards,

Mabel Sansom, Chair
On behalf of the Board of Dragons Abreast Australia