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July 2018 – Coordinators Bulletin 2018 07 No.1

From Mabel Sansom (Chair DAA)
Dear Co-ordinatorsHello from the Board of Dragons Abreast Australia!

With so many of us heading to Florence, we just wanted to wish you all a fantastic trip and a big good luck for the IBCPC Festival.  It will be so great to see so many DAA members representing DAA overseas, a truly wonderful experience for you all.

DAA Strategic Plan
The DAA Strategic Plan for the next three years is now up on the website.  Please click here to view the document.

If you would like to ask any questions about the Strategic Plan, please contact the office at [email protected].

Paddles Up!Mabel Sansom, Chair For the Board of DAA DAA Festival NewsHave you registered for the Festival yet?There is still time to register for the DAA Festival.  Don’t miss out on what will be a fantastic day of paddling, fun and all round enjoyment.


For those that have already registered, don’t forget to setup your fundraising page and like our Facebook page.  As you know, the Festival is the major fundraising event for DAA and without funds raised we could not continue to support our groups around Australia.

We look forward to seeing you there!Dragons Abreast Team InspirationA composite team for the Dragons Abreast Festival has now been registered ‘Dragons Abreast Team Inspiration’ which is a breast cancer survivor crew.  Currently we have crew from DA Adelaide and DA Ballarat.  We have 8 more seats to fill as well as a sweep and drummer.

If you would like to join ‘Team Inspiration’, the cost to register is $120.00.

Composite crews are a great way of ensuring that our smaller clubs can join events such as the DAA Festival and also a great way of making new DAA buddies.

The link to register is below, just click the ‘join team’ grey tab on the right and follow the steps.


Paddles up! The Pink Kiwis are joining us at the FestivalWe are very excited to announce that the Pink Kiwis from New Zealand will be joining us at the Festival.

It’s always great to have other countries involved in our Festival and we look forward to welcoming them in October.Other Dates and Notes2019 Ord River MarathonDetails will be coming out very soon about the Ord River Marathon but we can let you know that the date is set for Sunday, 9 June 2019.

Registrations will open on the 1 August, so keep an eye out for further information in the coming weeks. Member Fees 2018/19You will have recently received an email from Colette regarding a start to the renewal process for the 2018/19 membership year.

Membership will be staying the same for the 2018/19 membership year.

Group Membership – $200
Individual Membership – $30

If you have any questions regarding DAA membership, please contact Colette on [email protected]. New Member ProcessWe have introduced a ‘New Member Process’ for any person that becomes a new Member of DAA.  Details are as follows:New Member submits their application to DAA and they receive an email from Mabel Sansom welcoming them to DAA.Once payment has been received, they will then receive a ‘New Member Pack’ in the mail.They will also then receive their ID tag.If you have any questions regarding the above process, please don’t hesitate to contact Karen on [email protected].Did you know that DAA is registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)?This means that if you are applying for a Grant, Sponsorship, or receiving a donation, you are eligible to receive the funds, even if your individual group is not registered for the DGR.

Click here to see more information about the DGR and evidence that DAA is registered as a DGR.

Don’t forget that if you are using DAA as a DGR, the funds are to be deposited into the DAA account.  An administration fee of 10% up to a maximum of $1000 is charged, if over $1000 a flat fee of $100 is charged.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact Colette on [email protected]. New Breast Cancer drug reduces risk of relapsePlease click here to obtain further information about this exciting development from one of our sponsors.

Upcoming eventsAround Australia 20 October 201811th Annual DA Festival
 Around the World
If you are lucky enough to be travelling the world, you may be able to attend one of the following international breast cancer dragon boat events.
06-08 July 20182018 IBCPC Participatory Dragon Boat Festival, Florence, Italy
Want to know more about these events? Ask us. Do you have a local event coming up?  Email us with the details so we can share with everyone.
 Thanks to our SponsorsSpecialised Therapeutics AustraliaDragons Abreast Australia is sponsored by Specialised Therapeutics Australia, an international biopharmaceutical company with strategic focus and expertise in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.With the highest professional and ethical standards, Specialised Therapeutics Australia commercialise therapies and technologies that uniquely fulfil the unmet medical needs of the community.  Quality and affordable sporting apparel. Provider of our DAA jackets, with a percentage of proceeds being donated to Dragons Abreast. Platinum Sponsor of the 2017 Dragons Abreast FestivalCancer Institute NSW, is dedicated to reducing the impact of cancer and improving outcomes for people with cancer across the state of New South Wales by:Promoting the prevention of cancerImproving early detection and participation in cancer screeningImproving the diagnosis and treatment of cancerBuilding capacity in cancer researchUsing the latest data and information to drive positive change across the health system.