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June 2018 – Coordinators Bulletin 2018 06 No.1

From Mabel Sansom (Chair DAA)Dear Co-ordinators

In early February, the Board of Dragons Abreast Australia met in Brisbane to plan for the future.  This being the 20th anniversary of DAA it was time to look ahead, especially as our current three-year plan expires at the end of June 2018.

As we reflect on the past three-year Strategic Plan, we are pleased with our accomplishments and meeting the objectives we set for DAA.  There have been many changes that have benefited our member groups and individual members.  Also, the Chair of the DAA Board changed from Sue Bowen to Mabel Sansom during this time.  In 2018, we expanded the Board from 4 members to 7 members who will be formally elected at the 2018 AGM.  The additional Board members are most welcome as the workload has increased.  The office staff was restructured to provide better member services and we continually work to raise the profile of DAA nationally.  We welcomed two new groups – DA Pittwater Pinks and DA Patterson Lakes Pink Lotus.

Where we do need to do more work is in the fundraising area.  The annual Dragons Abreast Corporate and Community Challenge celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017.  While the event is a fun, exciting time for all teams, it has not raised expected funds to support the operation of DAA.  Clearly the Board needs to address this issue and we are committed to finding ways to fully fund DAA while also building a small reserve fund for the future.  By doing this, we believe we can offer more services to members and expand the reach of DAA nationally.  We know there are many more breast cancer survivors who will benefit from joining us and we need to make paddling available to as many as possible.

Looking ahead for the next three years, we are focused on three key areas:FundingRecognitionEngagementWe believe all are connected and you can’t achieve one without the other.  As an example, increasing recognition (or awareness) of DAA means it is more attractive to obtain sponsors and grants but also raises our profile so new groups and members are interested in joining.  We have outlined our objective under each heading and a few action plans.  From the three-year plan, we develop plans for each fiscal year and set time frames and responsible Board Directors.

The three-year plan will be posted on our website on 1 July 2018.  We ask that you share this plan with your members (click on the image above for a larger view).  If there are any questions, please call myself or any of the Board Directors.

Happy 20th anniversary to all of you and sincere thanks for all that each of you have done during the past years to ensure breast cancer survivors continue to paddle for recovery.

Paddles Up!

Mabel Sansom, Chair
On behalf of the Board – Dragons Abreast Australia
Upcoming eventsAround Australia 20 October 201811th Annual DA Festival
 Around the World
If you are lucky enough to be travelling the world, you may be able to attend one of the following international breast cancer dragon boat events.
06-08 July 20182018 IBCPC Participatory Dragon Boat Festival, Florence, Italy
Want to know more about these events? Ask us. Do you have a local event coming up?  Email us with the details so we can share with everyone.
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