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Dragons Abreast ACT Regatta 2009 158

Kerrie Dowding – DA Penrith Posted on: 03 July 2020

I am a long time BC survivor, first 1992 at age 39, treatment was surgery. Second time was 1997 again surgery and then in 2011 I was diagnosed with mets to bones.

Six months after this once my life settled I joined DA Penrith and have thrived. I will be 10 years with Mets in February 2021. There is a lot of emphasis put on life after BC but for me there is so much life with BC.

I have met so many beautiful ladies and have done a lot of travelling involving dragon boating, including NZ, Hong Kong, Sarasota, Florence and Argentina. I have made so many friendships all over the world that I will treasure forever. Looking forward to the new adventure to NZ in 2022. Paddles up!!!