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Vivienne Williams

About Vivienne Williams

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and was introduced to dragon boating in March 2017 with Pendragons Abreast in Penrith. I was bitten by the dragon and have loved the sport ever since. I went to Florence in 2018 and New Zealand in 2023 for the IPCPC event, amazing events with breast cancer survivors and supporters worldwide. I’m looking forward to France 2026. 

Being President of the DBQ affiliated Sunshine Coast Dragons Abreast in 2021 I had to learn what is required to build a successful Member Group. I am a coach with interests in paddling techniques for breast cancer and older paddlers, their health and wellbeing. 

Being passionate about DAA as an organisation, giving breast cancer survivors a platform on which to compete, a network in which to communicate and an ethos which supports and encourages all survivors. To be fortunate enough to have a place on the Board would enable me to offer my service, my skills and ideas.  

The comradery between the women is something special and we all share a common bond. It is not a Group anyone of us wanted to join but being a part of it is supportive, fun and exciting.