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Sugar with husband, kids and sister 7 November 2020 by Lyndall Milward_Bason

Sugar Masangcay – DA Canberra Posted on: 10 November 2020

Journey to self-re-discovery

After a year of battling with cancer, I felt the need to do something for myself, something to help me focus on ‘me’. To heal me physically, mentally and spiritually.

Being a fulltime mum of two beautifully active boys, Keiran (four) and Kaleb (two), I find it hard to prioritise myself. I was desperate for some sort of physical fitness. I have been searching for a place to exercise where I could feel the sense of belonging. Then I found Dragons Abreast Canberra.

I immediately felt welcomed. I remember feeling so excited that I found a group where I could really feel ‘I belong’. There is that instant connection and understanding of the new ‘you’. A survivor. I feel so inspired to see how this group of wonderful and strong women paddle through life gracefully, after breast cancer.

I grew up near the beach. I love to be by the water, in the water and near the water. When I first arrived in Australia, I missed the beach regularly, so I would find myself by Lake Burley Griffin and just bask in the serenity and tranquillity that the lake and the surrounding beauty has to offer. I claimed it as my happy place.

I am grateful that boat paddling gave me the opportunity to be in my happy place and just be me.

I feel blessed that I survived cancer and I am here enjoying a sport. I feel lucky to be part of a team of amazing athletes, no less. I feel more than lucky to be alive and soaking in the beauty of nature.

Photo: Sugar with husband, kids and sister
Photo Credit: Lyndall Milward-Bason